Becoming An Acolyte

We of the Church Of The Immortal Smoke/Hellfire Smokers Club are an all inclusive organization, though we feel to best serve our potential members, we should set some guidelines and parameters for inclusion to help you make an informed decision before you join us.

Joining a club, no matter how easy, does mean that there needs to be a certain level of participation.

1. Do you want to be an active member of an up and coming religion?

2. Are you willing to be active in the group by participating in group based activities  and chat room conversations on the Instagram social media site?

3. Can you commit to not showing off your over priced cigar or pipe tobacco collections?  (cus we don't give a shit)

4. Can you have regular conversations about everyday things and not just fawn over cigars or pipes? 

5. Can you identify yourself as weird? 


Joining Process

We ask that you carefully read this section before you apply. 

1. The initiation will run for approximately a 3 month period. It will take place through Instagram since that is our predominant location of operations.  During this time we ask that you do not actively join or be in the process of joining other smokers clubs. It's just not cool.

2.  Contact the Pontifax Maximus at the @Hellfiresmokersclub696 Instagram page and state why you are interested in joining. Your IG page will then be reviewed. We will then reply with an acceptance in or a negation. You will most likely be declined if you are already the member of more than one other smokers club.

3. You will be entered into a Torture Chamber chat room where you will spend the first month actively chatting and asking questions with our triumvirate so we can learn about each other.

4. After said time, if both parties are interested in continuing, the Acolyte In Training will be entered into a group chat room where all parties will talk about useless things in order to better like or hate each other. The initiation can be ended at anytime by either side if both parties are not in agreement about membership.

5. After a 3 month trial period, if the Acolyte in Training gets their taint pierced, they will be officially announced as a full member on Instagram, as well as, have access to purchasing the Hellfire Smokers Club embroidered logo patch. We do not give things away here.

6. We want this to be an enjoyable time for everyone and we also understand that this club is not meant for everyone, and with that we invite you to join in our celebrations for the Church Of The Immortal Smoke.

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